The Contracting unit within Government Support Services manages all statewide contracts for goods and services and administers agency contracts, as requested. This team is the State of Delaware's central contracting unit that acts on behalf of State agencies, local government units, authorized volunteer fire companies, and School Districts. The State of Delaware has a free Vendor Registration service to notify interested parties of solicitations in specific areas of interest as defined by you, the vendor community. Please take a moment to register at our Vendor Registration Service. This service complements our central solicitations website that is a one stop shop for RFP's, ITB's and RFI's for the State of Delaware. Registration will enable you to receive an alert for each solicitation posted of interest to your business at the time of posting. You may select as many areas of interest as you desire. The Government Support Services - Contracting Unit does not send announcements of solicitations directly to vendors in favor of vendors registering for the subscription service. To ensure efficiencies in statewide procurement activities, solicitations will not be advertised in any newspaper. If there are any questions please contact the Contracting Unit.