Vendor Registration

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the State of Delaware.

The State of Delaware offers a Free Vendor Subscription Service whereby vendors may register to automatically receive alerts on formal bid opportunities in the vendor's area(s) of interest. There is no limit to the number of areas of interest that you may identify. Please take a moment to register for this free service at Vendor Registration Service.

Our Step by Step Guide  provides details on how to register.

The registration service complements our central bid solicitations website, which is a one stop shop for RFP's, ITB's and RFI's for the State of Delaware. Registration will enable your company to receive an alert for each solicitation posted that matches with the areas of interest selected upon registration.

You may also note that procurement unit contacts for Schools, State Agencies and Municipalities can be found at Procurement Unit Contacts. This may prove of value to you and your organization for under threshold opportunities. Under threshold is defined as purchases that are less than the amount required to issue a formal solicitation.

The State of Delaware offers a one-stop portal for information on How to Do Business with the State, Certify as a Minority or Woman Owned Business, and to help vendors learn much more at Doing Business with Delaware. Please refer any questions to the Contracting Unit or send us an email.